Computer Science 1

Hello, my name is Jad. This is my GITA 1 computer science webpage.
I am learning C# this year. This page demos all of my
C# projects. You can click images to download programs and see them run.

Goodbye project


In this program, user presses buttons to display goodbye in selected language. we learned how to use buttons, picture boxes, and labels.

About Page


In this program we learned the basics about buttons and labels by making an about page for a website.



In this program we learned how to concatenate user inputs to make a madlibs.

Car Rental


We had to make an agency that rents cars to people. We calculated the cost of each rental using miles driven and the number of days the car was used.



We made a program that calculated the user's BMI when they inputted their hieght and weigth.

Car Rental Upgrade


We made an agency that rents cars to people. We calculated the cost of each rental using miles driven and the number of days the car was used. We made more features available using checkboxes and radio buttons.

Test score program


We made a program that when given two test scores, we calculate the grade they get, the higher score, and the average of both of them.

Dice Game


Dice game generates 2 random numbers and whatever the number is, is what the dice will show up as .

Craps Dice Game


A Dice Game that also keeps track of points.

Triangle Checker


Three side lengths are entered, then the program tells you if the shape is a triangle and what type of triangle it is.

Slot Machine


You enter money to play, 3 random images are generated, if you get the sam three images you win.

Taco Truck


A taco shop where you can buy tacos with several different options for them. It also calculates the cost depending on the options selected.



We learned how to use an array in this program. A character randomly moves up and down the staircase, if they get to the top there's a ghost, if they get to bottom there's a monster.

2D Submarine program


A submarine and a shark randomly move on an array, if the shark meets the sub, the sub sinks.



We recreate the game tic tac toe using an array.

Basic AI


You control a character using key presses, and you have to defeat an enemy by firing a projectile.

Star field


We use an array of stars and move them in a certain way to give the illusion that we are moving through space.

AI upgrade


This is Basic AI but we make an array of enemies that move toward the player at the same time with each one having a health bar.

Number Array


This program generates 100 random numbers and determines which one is the highest, which one is the lowest. It finds how many even and odd numbers there are, and the average of all the numbers.


Final Project


My final project, lazer maze. Instructions are in the program.